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the Golden Island

The Island of Krk


The Island of Krk is located in the northern part of Croatia, in the Kvarner Bay. A number of distinct characteristics make this island unique. With its intact relief, it offers a number of possibilities for an active vacation, as well as relaxation next to the crystal clear sea.

It has rich Mediterranean vegetation and climate with long and warm summers and mild winters. It is also worth mentioning that the Island of Krk is one of the sunniest parts of Europe, with no less than 2500 sunny hours in the year!

The Island of Krk is a part of the Central Europe, only 40 km removed from Rijeka, a traffic hub with  daily train departures towards many European capitals. It is connected with the mainland by the Krk Bridge (Croatian: Krčki most) built in 1980, and an airport located in Omišalj. All things considered, the Island of Krk represents a unique tourist destination, one easily accessible  from any direction.


The Island of Krk has a rich and very interesting past, as well as valuable historical heritage. The island was inhabited by the Illyrians, already during the prehistoric times, and was later on colonized by the Greeks and the Romans. Since the end of the 6th century, the Croats have become a majority. Since then until now, the island has had a number of rulers.

The noble Frankopani family, the Venetians, and even the French, had in the past centuries ruled over the island and left their mark. The whole island is laden with history and the past. Make it your task to explore it and discover its secrets.

Krk today

Due to its very favorable position and unique natural beauties, the Island of Krk was recognized as a very interesting tourist destination already in the 19th century. Nowadays, tourism is the backbone of Krk economy and  the number of tourists is increasing annually.

Successfully implemented initiatives for sustainable development and environmental protection, energetics, agriculture, tourism and entrepreneurship have, in large part, contributed to the sustainability and development of this area. This is one of the reasons why Krk is one of the rare Croatian islands that is fueled by population growth and holds the title "the Golden Island".

What to see on Krk

Krk is a town of rich cultural-historical heritage and its location makes it an excellent starting point for touring the numerous attractions the Island of Krk has to offer.

The island is home to the remains of an early Roman basilica from the 5th century and a Roman municipium. You will also come across a preserved core of the medieval town of Krk, as well as a Franciscan monastery from the year 1480 and numerous other structures which unveil the rich past of the island. Probably the most valuable historical artefact is the Baska tablet (Croatian: Baščanska ploča) at Jurandvor village. It dates back to 1100 and was written in Glagolitic script; an important testimonial of Croatian literacy.

Pay a visit to a unique cave Biserujka and enjoy numerous magical cave speleothems or discover the harmony of medicinal mud at the Cove of Klimno. You can also discover the magic of the sea world at three aquariums…

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What to do on the Island of Krk

Due to its location, Krk offers a number of possibilities for an active and meaningful vacation. 300 km ofvarious pedestrian and cycling routes lead from the town of Krk to the surrounding area and excursion boats offer daily trips to the nearest islands and more distant beaches.

There is an attractive waterskiing facility Ski-lift Dunat, and some other watersports like scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing, in the vicinity. If you want more, you can rent a boat, a speedboat or a pedal boat.

Dražica Hotel Resort offers two outdoor swimming pools and additional sports activities: three tennis courts, badminton/ beach volleyball court, mini-golf, table tennis, and various fun activities for children and adults during summer.

Good traffic connectivity allows you to enrich your vacation on the Island of Krk with a visit to one of the most beautiful National Parks in Croatia.  

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