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This privacy policy (hereinafter: “the Policy”) explains how Hoteli Krk d.o.o.  (hereinafter:  “Hoteli Krk”, the Controller) collects, uses and manages your personal data. Hoteli Krk d.o.o. is dedicated to protecting and respecting your privacy. Read these rules carefully in order to understand why and how we collect your personal data and how they will be used.

Hoteli Krk is the “Controller” of the personal data we collect from you – the entity that defines the needs and means by which personal data are processed. 

Our Policy describes the kinds of personal data we collect and process, the reasons why we process data, how long we store them, the security measures we take to protect personal data from misuse, and the steps you should take if you have any questions or requests regarding your personal data.

If you want to contact us regarding this Policy or regarding your personal data, please use the following contact information:

Name of firm:  Hoteli Krk d.o.o.
Address: Ružmarinska 6, 51500 Krk, Croatia
Telephone no.: +385(0)655755
E-mail address: [email protected]


Hoteli Krk respects your privacy and the security of your personal data. We guarantee that we will treat all the personal data of the users of our services as confidential information and a business secret. In no case shall we make available, transfer or exchange the personal data and e-mail addresses of our users, which we collect through our booking system or contact forms.


As is the case with many other portals, our portal too may use “cookies” (small files we store on your computer when you access our website in order to enable basic or additional website functionality) and other technologies that make it easier for us to deliver content depending on your fields of interest, to process your bookings or requests, and/or analyse the characteristics of your visits. Cookies cannot be used to reveal your personal identity. When you access our website, this information allows our service providers to identify the characteristics of your browser, but not to identify you.

We use various kinds of cookies:

  • Required cookies – these are necessary for our website to function, and cannot function without them. This means that the website cannot be opened or displayed without these cookies. These cookies are used to transmit communications or are necessary in order to offer information society services that are expressly requested by the users of these services. Additionally, these cookies will allow us to perform basic website analysis with the goal of improving the function of the website through data that is completely anonymized and is not based on your personal data or data that can be in any way connected with you. Your consent is not needed for these cookies and we do not ask you for it.
  • Functional cookies – we use them to carry out advanced website performance analysis. These cookies serve to analyze user behavior, and on the basis of the anonymous data we receive, we can confirm what visitors to our website want and view most; this then allows us to adjust our website and make its content and functionality as simple as possible for the user. We ask for your consent for these cookies.
  • Advertising cookies – we use them to analyze your interests and desires, and they serve to allow us to display information that is of interest to you and create offers accommodated to your usage of the Hoteli Krk website. We ask for your consent for these cookies.

Hoteli Krk stores cookies in a database and keeps them for two years at the most in order to inform you about special and personalized offers, news and events we organize via online channels (e-mail, internet, online promotions).

You may delete the cookies stored on your computer at any time, thus disabling the further processing of your personal data using this kind of technology.

Find out more about cookies at the following link:  Rules on the use of cookies.

If you change your mind regarding cookie settings on the Hoteli Krk website, you may change them at any time at the following link:  ............... [link to cookie consent box].


IP addresses are numbers that are unique to each computer currently connected to the internet. They are used to identify recipients and senders of data via the internet. Our service provider records the IP address of your PC during each transaction within the booking system in order to safely transfer your data and protect them from abuse. The personal data of users are not available outside of the booking system.


When you send us a booking inquiry, we collect your first and last name, home address, e-mail address, telephone number, and other data we need to offer you information about available units of accommodation.

Booking system users are ensured the highest level of data protection. To confirm the authenticity of our website and transfer data securely between your computer and our server, we use encryption and an SSL certificate from a recognized issuer. All personal data, personal document numbers, credit card numbers, or other payment information our users provide via the booking system are transferred exclusively over an encrypted connection in accordance with valid international standards.

After successfully confirming your booking, we will further process your personal data with the goal of fulfilling our legal obligations to register you with Croatia's eVisitor national center for the guest registry, as well as to offer and increase the quality of our services. For this reason, in addition to the aforementioned data, we also collect the number, date and place of issuance of your personal identification document, your citizenship, your country of residence, and your date and place of birth.

You may read our Data Protection Statement and find out more about your rights regarding the processing of your personal data.

Hoteli Krk retains the right to change any information in this document. Any changes will be immediately made available to users on this website.



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Your privacy and personal data are important to us. In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation, we have updated our Privacy Policy. In order to ensure the appropriate function of this website, we occasionally store small data files known as cookies on your devices.
Read more about the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Usage Policy.

You may change and/or update or delete your cookie settings every time you visit our website. Read more in the Cookie Usage Rules. If you do not want our website to read your cookies, select “I refuse cookies”; however, we must inform you that, in this case, our website will not function properly, and some of the content you want may not load.

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