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What to see on the Island of Krk

Magical past, natural beauties and sights

The Island and the town of Krk offer numerous natural and historical sights within easy reach. The medieval town of Krk is dominated by a beautiful cathedral which is one of the the two most recognizable town motif, the other one being the Frankopani castle.

Apart from the numerous historical sights, you can also enjoy the natural beauties of Krk, as well as the magical sea world in three aquariums.

Cultural-historical sights

Among many cultural-historical sights, the Baska tablet (Croatian: Bašćanska ploča) at Jurandvor village, dating back to 1100, is the most important one. The tablet was written in Glagolitic script and represents an important testimonial of Croatian literacy. Other sights to see are the Franciscan monastery on the islet Košljun, the well-preserved medieval core of the town of Krk and many other.

The Island of Krk abounds with historical monuments and is laden with history. All you need to do is discover it.

Natural beauties

Cave Biserujka

The cave Biserujka is located in the vicinity of Rudine village in the  Omišalj municipality on the Island of Krk. The cave, abundant withspeleothems – stalactites and stalagmites – has been adapted for tourist visits. Although Biserujka is not the largest cave you can find, it may fascinate you even before entering, since it is located a few dozen meters above the sea level.

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Cove Klimno

The western side of the Klimno Cove provides the benefits of the medicinal mud in its purest and most natural form. This treatment will have a beneficial effect on your skin, relieving your mind from stress and completely healing your soul. This medicinal mud is also used for treating bone pain.

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Discovering sea world

Exotic sea species enthusiasts have a chance to be acquainted with the magical sea world in three aquariums located in the town of Krk and Baška village.

Aquarium Terrarium Krk

The largest Aquarium – Terrarium in the region will provide an unforgettable experience of discovering a magical sea world of the Adriatic and interesting tropical fish species. Along with sea animals, you will have a chance to see a caiman crocodile, Asian boa, iguana, veiled chameleon and other exotic species. You can also see a large collection of mollusk shells and crabs from the Adriatic Sea.

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Tropical Aquarium Krk

The Aquarium is located at the town center, near the main square. The visitors have a chance to see aquariums with sharks, tropical fish species and a large collection of mollusks, sea snails, corals and stuffed fish from the Adriatic and tropical seas. In an adjoining room, you can watch a film about the undersea world.

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Baška Aquarium

Baška Aquarium will give you a unique experience of the sea and the seabed world of the Croatian Adriatic. The Aquarium harbors one of the largest collections of mollusks and sea snails from the Adriatic Sea, in Croatia. Visit the Aquarium at the very center of Baška village and discover a catshark, moray eel, crayfish, stone bass, octopus and other inhabitants of the Adriatic.

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